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6 Foods to Try in Melaka

In the Western part of Malaysia is the city of Malacca. This is a pretty nice city as it has
a rich historical background. Did you know that the Portuguese, Dutch, and British used
to colonize this place? That is why when you walk around the city, you will still see
some historical sites being preserved to serve as a reminder of the past.

But, I am not going to talk about colonization at all. This article is centered around the
food that is being offered in Malacca. As a food blogger, I sample as many different
foods as I can whenever I travel to a new place and let me tell you, Malacca didn’t disappoint!

I have a pretty great experience in the city; so much so that I had a wonderful evening
with a lovely girl escort.

If you want to get full, read on to find out the must-try foods that you can find in Melaka.

1. Nasi Lemak

Unofficially considered by the locals as one of the staples in Malaysian cuisine, Nasi
Lemak is a fragrant rice dish that is cooked with some coconut milk and then placed on
top of a banana leaf.

Unlike your regular white rice, Nasi Lemak is perfectly paired with other foods on the
side and all of them blend perfectly with the dish.

2. Char Siew Rice

Malaysia has a rich food culture and it is quite evident in the city of Malacca as well.
Since the Peranakans migrated in some parts of Malacca, you will find that they’ve
imparted some of their cooking knowledge to the locals as well.

One of the best Peranakan or Nyonya foods that you must try is the Char Siew Rice.
Slices of Char Siew Pork are placed on top of white rice and is sprinkled with a special
sauce that is both sweet and savory (just like what the locals love).

3. Nyonya Laksa

Another staple food in Malacca, the Nyonya Laksa is a pungent but really tasty dish. Its
broth is based on chicken and prawns and it is topped with a lot of delicious foods,
including prawns and egg, among many others.

4. Asam Pedas Fish

The Asam Pedas is considered as the staple food of the state. This is usually a seafood
dish (mainly fish) that tastes sour and savory.

What the chef usually does is cook the tamarind until the fruit is soft enough so that they
can squeeze the juice out of it.

The extract would then be used as part of the dish to create a nice blend of spicy and
sour flavor that the locals truly clamor for.

5. Duck Noodles

There are a lot of noodle restaurants in Malacca, but the Tengkera Duck Noodle
Restaurant is something of note thanks to their special Duck noodles.
They have homemade noodles that are doused with special gravy and shredded duck
meat. The broth is made out of boiled duck meat- making it a really nice and rich soup.

6. Cendol

One of the main desserts of the city is none other than Cendol. This is a shaved ice
dessert that filled with coconut milk and topped with delicious green-starched noodles.

Sometimes, the locals add some pandan flavoring to make it even more delicious. This
is the perfect dessert to eat in the morning and afternoon simply because the weather is
predominantly hot in Malacca.