8 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO

8 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO

The SEO industry is gradually changing and growing. Once in a while, new tricks, updates and improvements are being introduced. Whether you are running an e-commerce website, website seo services or personal blog, you would want to incorporate new trends to your running campaigns.

For SEO newcomers, however, you would want to learn more about the fundamentals of SEO, as well as common misconceptions.

Below are some of the points individual get wrong about search engine optimization.

1. The SEO process is always the same.

The SEO process is not always the same. Take note that search engine optimization is an art. Different clients would require different execution methods, investment levels and targeting strategies. Also, there are always new trends—new things to learn and implement.

2. SEO is a scheme, trick and gimmick.facepalm as gesture by yamachem

It may appear that SEO is just a gimmick, trick or scheme that business owners do to improve their online presence. This may be partially true, but it is in no way a useless technique. SEO figures out what type of content and features are most crucial for search engines and users. It helps website owners provide the right posts to gain more traffic and profit.

3. Keyword rankings are the only things that matter.

Of course, all of us would want to rank high on search engines. However, keep in mind that keyword rankings are not the only things that should matter in a digital strategy. There are plenty of other key performance indicators and metrics that you should measure to gauge the success of your campaign.

4. Google penalties are major threats.

The most awful Google penalties are results of some manual actions. Temporary ranking drops, as well was automatic penalties, are just some of the most common, less severe penalties. if you always follow the industry’s best practices, then you definitely have nothing to worry about.

5. The less amount you spend on SEO, the better.

SEO is regarded as a cost-effective marketing strategy, with huge ROI, or return on investment. Many beginners think that the most efficient approach to SEO is to spend a small amount as much as possible to avoid risks, and gather long-term results. The thing is, low budgets often come with an amateur work process, and minimal strategic implementation.

6. SEO is technically complicated.

It is a fact that SEO has several technical components. For beginners, these technicalities may appear complex and intimidating. However, even with zero coding experience, one can be successful by taking time to learn the basics. You just need to be determined and patient.

7. SEO is very easy to learn.

There are people who think that SEO is too complex for them to learn. Some individuals, however, think that it is too simple—they can do it well without any experience. While you can learn some SEO concepts in just a few hours, you should still devote plenty of hours to understand the fundamentals.
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