Importance of Internet in Today’s Modern Education System

In this modern world, the internet has become a familiar phenomenon for the students. Today, almost every school or college going student talks about the significance of the internet for the modern education system. However, many of the students still do not have in-depth knowledge about how useful the internet can be and how to use the internet up to its best potential. There have been many modifications and advancements made in communication, education, and technology. Through the internet, students now can even find online tutors from any part of the world. The internet can be used by students for quick purposes to gain knowledge and data which they need for completing their assignments and projects. There have been many arguments about the negative impact of the internet on the students but still, people agree with the notion that the internet does contribute to the growth in their lives and academic world. 

The best thing about the internet is that you can use it at any time of the day as the internet world is always active and never asks for breaks. The students of schools and colleges can work on their assignments or projects at any hour of the day with the help of the internet. The students work according to whatever hour is suitable for them. From assistance to report reading, the students can always find information and knowledge around the clock on the internet. In a recent study, it was estimated that with each passing day almost 60,000 pages of new information and knowledge are added to the websites. This latest information and knowledge not only help the students but also assist the teachers and professors in tailoring lectures in a more exciting way. 

Through the internet, the students get the chance to interact with each other and with their teachers and professors even during the vocations through social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other online chat rooms. There are various applications available online that provide the students with ways of connecting and building relationships. With the help of the internet, the students can interact not only within the country but they can also interact with friends living in a foreign country. The internet makes data gathering basic, simple, and speedy. With the help of the internet, information and knowledge gathering appear more appealing as compared to reading textbooks and journals. The internet is also a great platform to gather data through online surveys, quizzes, etc., for completing assignments and projects given by lecturers. On the internet, students can find a lot of websites that will enable them to obtain a vast range of information and knowledge about several topics and subjects. 

Many other benefits of the internet link with the modern education system are the assistance in solving difficult writing assignments, dissertations, or essays. The internet can guide you on how to write a perfectly structured essay without any mistake of grammar, punctuation, or syntax. The internet also answers instantly about any queries or problems of the children or young students. The students of colleges and universities can find answers to their given tasks and projects by searching online on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bingo, etc. The internet has become a crucial tool for students to communicate with their school or college teachers or professors to ask their queries or to take extra online classes through video conference.  Social media platforms enable students to easily communicate with their teachers or mentor. There are certain applications and chat rooms that are specially designed for students and teacher interaction. 

The online education system is becoming popular with every passing day among the different who can not join colleges or universities because of their personal reasons. Some can not afford the costly education and some have no college or university in their own areas. In today’s world, there are a plethora of famous and well-known universities that have created various online courses and programs for such students. Most of the time, students choose to study online while doing their jobs.


All in all, the internet holds significant importance in today’s modern education system. The internet plays many vital roles in the learning experience of students. Therefore, every parent should provide his or her child with a great internet connection and good quality computer, tablets, or laptops. If you are living in Malaysia, then apply Time broadband Malaysia to get the fastest speed internet throughout the country. 

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