Proper Behavior and Etiquette in Live Poker

If you’ve chosen to move from live casino player to gambling in a real casino table or are tempted to try it out, you’ll need to get acquainted with some etiquette points before you hit the board. Working as a coach, please keep in mind the following.

Just Play on Your Turn

The player on the dealer’s left is posting the small blind, the guy on his left is posting the large blind, and betting is going clockwise. Betting is a cardinal sin in poker out of turn and breaks the game’s rhythm. It can also affect the strategies of players and can be seen as a deliberate attempt to do so.

Show Politeness

It’s great to talk during games; during a match certain tables will even allow small chatter and a limited amount of gamesmanship across the board. But it must be kept equal and dry. Daniel Negreanu, a poker star, was widely known to be polite and to keep fun conversation going during a match. As a result, when they lost him, people grudged him less than usual, and that’s a great feature to cultivate. On the other hand, in a lazy attempt to’ psych’ them out, lying about cards or trying to offend or upset opponents is considered poor form.

Avoid Postponing the Game

It’s okay to think about the next play or to watch people judge their movements; to prolong a game by ordering drinks, daydreaming or being unnecessarily indecisive.

Always State Your Bet Clearly

In movies they might say,’ I see your $100… and raise you $200,’ but you either fold, call or raise in real life. Calling and raising is known as a string bet, and in poker it is actually illegal.

Be Vigilant About Your Cards – Part I

Bending, writing, ripping, or dropping your card drink are all major no-nos. Not only is it rude, but it can also be called fraud, as others may believe that in later deals you are trying to catch a ticket.
Be careful not to reveal them when folding and throwing your cards into the muck before a game is finished, as this may affect the play run for the remaining players.

Never Ask to See Mucked Cards

The poker rules say that any player can ask to see a hand called, but to do so is very poorly labeled. The rule is really only there to avoid collaborative cheating, so if you ask to see somebody’s cards, you’re basically calling them a cheat.

Be a Good Winner or Loser

Last but not least, it’s never okay to show you’re excited to take somebody else’s money or complain about them doing the same to you.
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