Tools You Need For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Carrying out a marketing plan without a strategy and tools is like heading into the deep ocean with your eyes covered. It’s going to be a dark and unimaginable road without proper navigation to lead you.

The same goes for your social media as well. Whether your business is small or big, it needs a good marketing strategy. In this case a bulletproof social media marketing strategy. Sometimes we can wing a lot of aspects of social media but for the most part, it is about understanding the business model and delivering it well on social media. Branding companies Malaysia are the best partner in crime for our marketing strategy, whether social media or website. However, if we cannot afford to splurge a little yet, hundreds of free resources are available for social media marketing. 

branding companies Malaysia

People do social media marketing for so many reasons. They formulate a very thorough strategy to ensure consumers develop good brand awareness, improve traffic to their website, generate leads, support the marketing funnel, and build the overall brand image. Social media is a free tool that can aid our branding campaign. So do not forget to make the best out of the tools available on the internet. 

Free Design Applications 

Hiring or outsourcing graphic design skills are incredibly expensive. Unless we have sustainable revenue coming in or we have enough money for investments, it is better to do designs on our own. But what can we do if we have no design skills or any other form of artistic skills? This is where design applications such as Canva and other tools step in. there are so many social media design templates available to make sure we have the best feed. A good-looking feed, stories, timeline are all essential to attracting customers and developing the brand image. 

Google Analytics And Social Media Analytics 

You may be wondering why you would need google analytics for social media. Google Analytics can help us determine keywords that can be used to optimize the content on your social media. It can help us understand the terminology we can use to attract a large volume of consumers to your product. Google Analytics is also a good place to understand your overall market. What’s even more important than google analytics for your social media, is social media analytics. These are free and comes with so many different aids to read the numbers and insights. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all have analytical tools which we can use to measure our performance. 

Social Media Content Calendar 

Social media calendar can be used to organize your content and schedule them accordingly. Managing social media is not as simple as posting daily. Every day you are going to be burdened with hundreds of other tasks and sparing time for social media is not going to be easy. This is where a good social media content planner will come in hander. Make sure to batch make all of your photos, videos, shoots, and reels so that it automatically posts them accordingly without missing any important dates.