Why You Should Hire A Pentest Company

As you open a business company of your own, there are many things that you need to worry about; space, employees, suppliers, you name it. To help in expanding their business, most companies would develop a website that provides all kinds of information about the company. Through a website, many users, customers and potential business partners are able to contact the company easily as most companies would insert their contact details on their website and official social media pages. Because of that, customers even from overseas are able to purchase products that they would otherwise not have access to, albeit they would have to wait for a long time for their products to arrive.

Thanks to the development of technology, many people are relying on their mobile devices and computers to socialize and consume their daily dose of entertainment. It provides many opportunities for business companies to increase their brand image through digital marketing on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter as users on these platforms would have little control on what they will see on these platforms, with the only option is to hide the ads which cause them to appear less frequently on their social media feeds. However, creating a website and social media page can leave yourself open to many cyberattacks. Since every user visiting your website is anonymous, it is impossible to tell their intention, let alone what they are doing whenever they are visiting your website. In some cases, hackers would possess a major company to trick the company’s users into clicking their link, making them vulnerable to their attacks. Therefore, it is important for companies to conduct a regular pentest to check if there are any vulnerabilities in their system to protect their data from getting leaked.

The main role of a pentest company is to help their clients to run a test by hacking into their client’s system and detect any vulnerabilities, which they will develop a solution to counter them. Although a website can be left untouched for a long period of time, it will leave them open to many cyberattacks from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is important to conduct a pentest once every few months to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in the system.

Finding the “best pentenst company in malaysia” can be difficult, especially when there are so many pentest companies to choose from. You can read up a review site where they will list many pentest companies you can choose from. 

Despite having regular pentest, it is impossible to stop hackers from stealing your data and hard to detect what kind of vulnerabilities you are exposed to as technology continues to advance. The advancement of technology, consequently, has opened up more opportunities for hackers to develop different ways to steal their target’s data, with each new development becoming more advanced, harder to detect, and more lethal to the companies’ business. Even the largest social media platform on the internet, Facebook, is not safe from privacy leaks, which led to the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to stand and answer in court in 2018. Additionally, there are many companies that have open websites or social media pages to further expand their businesses during coronavirus. Hackers see this as the perfect opportunity to attack many companies and steal all of their assets, causing the case of cyberattacks to increase significantly during this period. Therefore, conducting a pentest is a necessity for every company to protect their business from any potential attacks in the future.

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